Saturday, June 25, 2016

Update from the Holy Cross Monastery

Greetings from the Holy Cross Monastery in New York where I have been for the past week for YASC orientation. If you have never been out to the monastery I would put on the top 10 places in the United States for Episcopalians to visit. Lots of history and beauty, the monastery is on the Hudson river almost directly across from the Vanderbilt mansion and only a little ways down from the home of FDR and Elanor Roosevelt. The brothers are very friendly, hospitable, and funny. The food is prepared by a Culinary Institute of America chef and suffice it to say it's better than the meals I get at home.

Orientation has been a wonderful time to get to know my fellow YASCers and learn more about our placements, cross-cultural education, the Anglican Communion and to spend some time in prayer with the brothers of Holy Cross. We have also spent time with a variety of staff from the national church including two of the Canons to the presiding bishop, The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers and The Rev. Canon Chuck Roberston who were lovely to get to know. (Although I'll admit Canon Spellers and I have danced to Beyonce before in a small town in Oklahoma at a wedding we were attending in October. The fact that she remembered my face was impressive I thought.) My time in New York is only half way through, as we will go to Manhattan for the next couple of days and then return to the monestary till we say goodbye on Sunday. During  the rest of our time here I would ask for your continued prayers, thoughts, well wishes, whatever you have for myself and my fellow YASCers here with me as we continue to learn, grow, and discern what we are about to embark on.

The time spent here has been a wonderful time to reflect, connect and become even more comitted (if theat's possible) to the work I am about to do. That being said recent events have tugged deep at me, I cannot help but admit that the UK's refrendum decision, otherwise known as the brexit, has weighed heavy on my heart as well as some of the backlash from the attack at Pulse in Orlando. It's unclear how the brexit will affect the UK, Europe, or the rest of the world in the future. All we have right now from the media is speculation but fear is a powerful emotion. Acting out of fear often causes the most vulnerable among us to be the ones who bear the load. It is important to remember patience, kindness, and most importantly humanity when we are dealing with our own fear and the fear of others. I hope you will continue to pray for peace and unity in our world and for bravery to do what is best in the face of fear.

And lastly, I have been blessed to recieve two donations while here at the monastary which has pushed me to almost 25% of my goal raised. I am so grateful to those who have donated but I still have a long way to go. If you can please make your donation either through go fund me or by check or credit card forms on the "How to Help" page of this blog. When you donate offline send me an email letting me know you donated or if you need assistance. Thanks again for all your support through this and I hope to have another update with some pictures soon.



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